A few years ago I tried to get into home music recording. I bought an audio interface and established a basic set-up using Ableton Live and some other packages, but I just found myself constantly fiddling with the guitar sounds in the software without ever really finding tones that sounded authentic. That plus the slight latency issues I was experiencing with hearing what I was playing a fraction of a second late just frustrated me and, in the end, I gave up.

When we moved house last year I decided to buy a digital practice amp so I could play guitar a bit more without using my (small but still fairly loud) valve amp. After looking around a bit I opted for the Yamaha THR10.

As well as being a pretty decent sounding practice amp, the THR10 also acts as an audio interface for the guitar, and I finally got around to trying it out in the last week or so. Using the THR10 itself is pretty straightforward, but it came bundled with the Cubase LE AI Elements 6 DAW and I have to say it’s not at all easy for a newbie like me. But I persevered and managed to record a very short snippet of music which I’ve uploaded to SoundCloud and linked here.

If you feel like commenting, that’s fine – but please be gentle … it’s my first attempt!