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Writing a church sign-in application with WPF

Two Sundays out of every five I provide technical support for the children’s ministry team at our church, setting up and looking after the laptops and label printers in the sign-in area. The church uses a third party, on-line application for this and when everything is running smoothly it’s a great solution. But sometimes we have problems with our internet access and then we have to revert to a paper-based process. If our church was small that wouldn’t be a big deal, but we’ve reached the kind of numbers where handwriting labels is really not OK any more – for example on Easter Sunday we signed in almost 400 under elevens across the two morning services, that’s 80 more than the same Sunday last year! So I decided we need an offline system that does just enough to keep the queues moving, and our fantastic volunteers smiling, when we need to resort to “Plan B”.

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Swapping a lollipop for a kitkat

I have a Google Nexus 7 that I’ve been pretty pleased with since I bought it new back in 2012. As with all Android devices it’s had its share of software updates along the way and I’ve never had any problems with those. Generally I’m cautious of major operating system upgrades, but given my track record with this device I decided to give Lollipop a go when the update announced itself on my home screen back in December. Surely Google would have tested their latest OS with their own devices I reasoned …

Big mistake. HUGE!

The new operating system wrecked my Nexus; it became totally unusable.

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